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Review: Sproud Pea Milk

I had never tried pea milk before. If you are wondering – no it isn’t made from green garden peas. Instead, it is made from dry yellow split peas. Pea milk is a relatively new alternative milk. Here in the UK there are two main contenders you’ll see on the shelves: Mighty Pea Original … Continue reading Review: Sproud Pea Milk

Review: Oatly Barista Edition

As a coffee lover I just had to try Oatly’s Barista edition oat milk. I had previously reviewed and really liked the flavor of Oatly Original (see my review here) and I was keen to see if I could taste the difference. I picked up a 1L bottle for £1.80 from Sainsbury’s and trialed the … Continue reading Review: Oatly Barista Edition

Review: Plenish Almond Milk

I was drawn to plenish organic almond unsweetened milk for two reasons. First, at 6% it boasts the highest nut percentage compared to other almond milks on the market. And second, it only contains 3 ingredients: almonds (of course), filtered water and sea salt. Although the branding may not make it seems like the hippest … Continue reading Review: Plenish Almond Milk


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