Review: Sproud Pea Milk

Sproud Original Pea M*lk 6 X 1 Litre: Grocery

I had never tried pea milk before. If you are wondering – no it isn’t made from green garden peas. Instead, it is made from dry yellow split peas. Pea milk is a relatively new alternative milk. Here in the UK there are two main contenders you’ll see on the shelves: Mighty Pea Original and Sproud. Grabbed by the typically zany alternative milk artwork, I picked up the zebra-esque Sproud Original pea milk from Whole Foods for ¬£1.80.

I had no point of reference for what the pea milk was going to taste like, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried my first glass. The slightly grey tinted liquid was both creamy and sweet. It had a slight chalkiness to it, which combined with the sweet scent, reminded me of cake mixture. Unlike some alternative milks, it doesn’t have a noticeable lingering aftertaste. As soon as I’d finished my first glass I found myself pouring a second.

When I wasn’t sipping Sproud from the carton, I was mixing it into hot drinks. My number one pet peeve with alternative milk is seeing it split in coffee. Fortunately, Sproud continued to impress and mixed nicely into coffee, tea and hot chocolate. When mixed, the taste of Sproud wasn’t overbearing, rather it added a sweetness which was reminiscent of adding a spoonful of sugar to my coffee. I also managed to create a nice foam in my electric milk frother to add finesse to my hot beverages.

Peas provide a rich source of amino acids and iron. Sproud is fairly high in protein – with 4g per 200ml glass (for reference, this is five times more than Minor Figures Oat Milk but less than you’d find in a glass of Alpro Soya Milk). For those of you who may be cutting calories or following a keto diet, Sproud won’t break the dieting bank as the same glass contains 84 kcal; 3.6g of carbs and 6g fat. Each glass also contains micronutrients such as calcium, riboflavin and vitamins D and B12. It is suitable for vegans and gluten, soy and dairy free.

I would highly recommend Sproud to anyone keen to try an alternative milk (and particularly to those who may have been put off by the ‘different’ taste of alternative milks in the past). The delicious taste of Sproud makes it a must-buy product that is adaptable to adding to hot drinks and drinking on it’s own. I was delighted by the healthy nutritional balance offered by Sproud – especially as it gave me an excuse to add it to my weekly shop.

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