Review: Oatly Barista Edition

Oat Drink Barista Edition | Oatly

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

As a coffee lover I just had to try Oatly’s Barista edition oat milk. I had previously reviewed and really liked the flavor of Oatly Original (see my review here) and I was keen to see if I could taste the difference. I picked up a 1L bottle for £1.80 from Sainsbury’s and trialed the drink over a week.

Before mixing the drink into my hot beverages I tried a glass on its own. It has been a few weeks since I have tried Oatly Original but the look, taste and thickness of the drink immediately reminded me of the original edition. The slightly off-white cream color liquid was thick, creamy and refreshingly oaty. Honestly, without taste testing the two since by side I don’t think I could pick out any remarkable differences between the two.

As expected, Oatly Barista mixed well in coffee, tea and hot chocolate. There was no obvious separation, only a slight cloudiness in the bottom of my mugs. Pouring a splash into my beverages added a creamy thickness which reminded me of the texture of single cream in a hot drink. The flavor was surprisingly un-oaty, which I quite enjoyed as it meant my coffee wasn’t overpowered. Instead, it only brought a slight sweetness to my drink and to my pleasant surprise left no funky aftertaste.

I also attempted to create a froth from the oat milk using my electric milk frother. Although I couldn’t create a perfect coffee-shop foam, it did bubble up enough to add a nice thin layer of froth.

A 240ml glass of Oatly Barista contains 140 calories with 7g fat, 16g carbs (including 7g of added sugar) and 3g of protein. Although I only tended to pour a small splash into my hot beverages, adding it to my couple of coffees a day lead to a small spike in my sugar consumption. Like a lot of alternative milks, it contains nutrients found in cow’s milk such as calcium, vitamins D and B12. It is also vegan, lactose and soya-free.

I think Oatly Barista will become my number one alternative milk of choice when I it comes to ordering hot drinks from cafés. It is a sweet treat which mixed nicely into my coffees. I don’t think I will be buying it for home use as it is fairly expensive and contains rather a lot of sugar when it is just me drinking a whole carton in 5 days. If there is a few alt milk drinkers in your household, I do think Oatly Barista is definitely worth a try.

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