Review: Plenish Almond Milk

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was drawn to plenish organic almond unsweetened milk for two reasons. First, at 6% it boasts the highest nut percentage compared to other almond milks on the market. And second, it only contains 3 ingredients: almonds (of course), filtered water and sea salt. Although the branding may not make it seems like the hippest alternative milk on the market, the straightforward ingredients list makes it arguably the simplest non milk milk available. I purchased a 1L bottle of Plenish Unsweetened Almond milk for £2.50 from Whole Foods and trialled it over a week.

I was impressed by the earthy, nutty taste of Plenish. It tasted light and slightly sweet with no trace of bitterness – despite the drink being unsweetened. However, I found the product to be a little thin and watery. It lacked the creaminess of other almond milks such as Alpro Almond No Sugars. I think this is a result of the lack of thickeners in the ingredients list.

On its own in a glass Plenish had a nice white tone, yet it seperated quite significantly in a coffee even when given a vigorous stir. As I really dislike droplets floating in my hot beverages, I would not use this in coffee again. It did froth nicely in my electric frother – but it continued to split when I poured it into a hot chocolate.

Each 200ml glass of almond milk contains 68 kcal, 6.2g fat, 0.8g carbs and 2.4g protein. The higher fat content comes from the higher nut percentage (which I believe means it contains ‘healthier’ unsaturated fats). It’s organic 3 ingredient recipe contains no additives, sweeteners or artificial colours. Like most almond milks, it is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. It also contains an array of nutrients including Vitamin E, biotin and copper. The no nonsense three ingredient recipe is great for those who want to know exactly what they are putting in their body.

Plenish almond milk is a high quality product. Although I prefer a creamier texture, I would occasionally use this product in smoothies or porridge as a nutrient rich milk alternative. My main disappointment with this drink is it’s separation in hot drinks. As an avid coffee drinker, I would have to purchase a second milk alternative product for my hot beverages – making Plenish almond milk more of an additional treat, rather than a staple alternative milk in my weekly shop.

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