Review: Alpro Chocolate Soya Dessert

Alpro dark chocolate soya desert

Alpro dark chocolate soya desserts are the dairy-free answer to a chocolate mousse. Craving a sweet treat, I picked up a 4 pack from Lidl for £1.20 to trial over a week. Although you can keep them in the cupboard, I stored them in the fridge in the hopes that they could replace one of my favourite cheeky snacks – the chocolate mousse.

I was immediately impressed by the creamy texture of the dessert. Although it wasn’t airy or bubbly like a mousse, it did have a pleasantly thick yoghurt-like texture. It didn’t have the classic bitter dark chocolate taste, rather than devilishly dark it seemed more like milk chocolate to me. The flavour wasn’t strong, but it is sweet and rich. I would never have guessed this was a plant-based product as there was no revealing soya taste.

Alpro soya desserts are both dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. Each pot contains 104 Kcal, 14.8g sugars, 2.9g sugars and 3.9g of protein. Although it isn’t the most healthiest of snacks, it does contain a relatively high protein content compared to a normal chocolate bar. Furthermore, the dessert contains a source of calcium and vitamins B2 and D. So it does contain dairy-like nutrients whilst remaining dairy-free.

I would recommend Alpro Dark Chocoloate Soya Dessert as part of a balanced diet (as they are quite sugary). The pots made for a delicious after dinner treat that appeased my sugar cravings. At only 30p a pot, I think I will make them a semi-regular buy and let them replace my usual chocolate mousse yoghurts.

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