Review Alpro Caramel Soya Caffe Latte

To cool myself from the midday heat I picked up an Alpro Caffe Latte in Soya Caramel flavour. I wasn’t prepared to pay £2 for the small cup, so I bundled it into a Tesco meal deal.

As instructed I shook the cup and peeled the lid to reveal the bubbly, not quite frothy liquid. The flavour of caramel was very strong, making the drink almost too sweet. The coffee itself was refreshing and aromatic. Together, the combination made for a sweet treat. The soya wasn’t too noticeable, it just added a slight milky thickness rather than a flavour.

Alpro soya caramel coffee can be enjoyed by most people as it is gluten, lactose and dairy free. As it uses soya milk, it is also vegan. A small 235 ml cup contains 87 kcal and 12g of sugar, making it not the healthiest of options.

If I was fancying a refreshing cold caffeinated treat I would pick up a Alpro caramel latte. However, due to the high price and amount of sugar, I will try not to make this a common addition to my lunchtime meal.

One thought on “Review Alpro Caramel Soya Caffe Latte

  1. I love this . It was my little treat after I had to give up dairy . Sadly , it does upset my stomach. But why ? . I’m still buying it , but only once or twice a week


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