Review: Alpro Soya Original

Milks - Alpro - Soya Original - Longlife Dairy Free Milk (1L)

Soya milk often places second to oat milk. However, if you are ready to branch out from oat milk, I would suggest trying Alpro Soya Original first. The mild, smooth and sweet flavour is enough to convince any alternative milk lover that soya milk can be just as tasty than any other alternative milk.

I picked up a carton of Alpro Soya Original from my local Tesco for £1.65 and trialled it over a week. My first reaction to a neat glass was how light and mild it was. Unlike some other alternative milks that I have tried, the flavour is not particularly strong, nor does it leave much of an aftertaste. I would describe it be sweet and smooth with tones of vanilla.

I was pleasantly surprised when I poured a small portion into my coffee. It passed the test of not separating from the coffee as it mixed right into the hot water. Unlike some oat milks, the soya milk didn’t really add it’s own flavour to the coffee. Instead, it added a slight sweetness which reduced the overall bitter taste of the coffee. I also tried Alpro Soya Original in tea and came to a similar conclusion – it has a very similar effect to cow’s milk in hot drinks.

This drink is a great choice for most people, as it is gluten, nut and wheat free. It is very low calorie (42Kcal per 100ml) and provides a source of protein and vitamins B12, B2 and D2. I don’t think only vegans would benefit from drinking Alpro Soya, I think anyone would benefit from adding this drink to their diet as it really does provide a healthy nutritious balance of micro and macro nutrients.

Alpro Soya Original gets the thumbs up from me. The mild taste and nutritious content makes it an unobtrusive positive addition to my diet. I could see myself adding a carton to my shop just to compliment my weekly coffee consumption.

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