Review: Alpro Immunity Oat Milk

Alpro daily immunity oat drink is a twist on the classic oat milk beverage. The first quality that stood out was that this is not a thick drink. Texture wise, it isn’t one of those ‘thick and creamy’ oat milks, instead it is watery. The best way I can describe the taste is like a cup of raw oats. Drinking it neat leaves a strong, almost bitter, after taste. I didn’t pick up of the flavour of the added echinacea.

Drinking a cold glass of the Alpro Immunity drink from the fridge was refreshing. However, it doesn’t look too appealing as it has that off-yellow colour common in oat drinks. When I added a splash of it to coffee it mixed well to create a rich roasted flavour.

If you are buying this for health purposes, you might be wondering can this drink boost daily immunity? The featuring ingredient in the oat milk is echinacea. Echinacea is flower that is commonly believed to help prevent the common cold. It is worth noting, though that scientific studies have very little evidence to back up these claims, with studies often concluding echinacea ‘might’ have a ‘small’ benefit to us.

It does contain other benefits though such vitamins C, D and B12 as well as Zinc – with a 200ml glass giving you a third of recommended dose of most of these. The same glass would also only cost you 54 calories. However, it only contains 0.4g of protein. A lot of people who choose health drinks are after a protein boost, so I was a little disappointed to see it was lacking in this product.

Would I purchase Alpro Daily Immunity again? It won’t be on my weekly shopping list. I think at £2.30 a bottle, I am getting more for my money investing in a bottle of vitamins and purchasing a more protein rich competitor.

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