Review: Oatly Oat Drink

Oat Drink Whole | Oatly

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The oaty – almost nutty – flavor of The Original was an instant hit for me. I instantly likened the drink to full-fat dairy milk as the creamy bodied texture made a small glass go a long way. If it wasn’t for the slight tint of yellow-ness to the liquid, I would have be easily fooled by it’s appearance that I was drinking cow’s milk.

The Original Oatly deserves to not just be compared to dairy milk, as it offers a unique taste of it’s own. It is unforgivingly oaty, with hints of a sweeter – almost vanilla – tones. This combination made me think of a bowl of warm porridge. I think this is why I initially struggled to drink a large glass of The Original as the strong taste was a tad overwhelming at first.

Over the week I used a good third of the carton in coffees. Now, I should say Oatly do offer a Barista edition (see my new review of Barista Edition!) of their milk which I would be thrilled to try as The Original is already amazing in coffee. The Original didn’t just dilute the bitterness of coffee, it added a rich creamy extra layer to it. I found the combination of the two to be delicious.

The Original also held well when I first passed it through my milk-frother. The froth pimped up the oaty taste which those who liked to drink the product neat would surely appreciate. I particularly liked adding cocoa powder to the frothed mix to create a rich hot chocolate.

The Original Oatly is a strong alternative milk contender as it is free from soy and strictly vegan. It is also fortified with vitamins such as Vitamin D, Riboflavin and B12. A 200ml glass contains 114 calories; with 5.6g of fat, 12.2g of carbs and 2g of protein.

Oatly is falls within the ‘hip’ group of alternative milk’s with it’s trendy carton design. With the exception of the milk glass, it is surprisingly picture free. Instead, they have invested heavily in typography, with small tongue-in-cheek style essay’s adorning the flanks of the carton. It made for a fun read as I waited for the kettle to boil.

I think my appreciation grew for The Original over the week. At £1.99, it felt a little expensive at first. However, it had two redeeming qualities that made it worth the costs – it’s longer shelf life and it’s ability to upgrade my hot drinks to the next level. By the end of the week I had no qualms drinking the Original Oatly by the glass load.

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